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Make a movie of your life

Flipagram is a slick way to turn your photos into a video accompanied by your favorite tracks.

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  • Creates slick photo slideshows
  • Adds soundtracks to your movies
  • Integrated with social networking sites


  • Videos can be jumpy
  • Photos are stored indefinitely by Flipagram

Very good

Flipagram is a slick way to turn your photos into a video accompanied by your favorite tracks.

Make a montage

When you open Flipagram you can add photos from a variety of sources (Instagram, your Facebook profile, your friends' Facebook profile, your camera, Twitter profile etc) to create a video. These photos can then be edited by applying filters, cropping and adding text. Writing text wasn't a smooth process as it was difficult to get it to go onto more than one line so the text ended up out of shot.

Once that's done it's time to add some music, which can either be a tune you own already or a free, 30-second clip of a song. The speed of the video can then be edited according to how many seconds you want to dedicate to each photo.

Flipagram also features an Instagram-style social network where you can post your videos to your profile, check out what your followers have been sharing, add searchable hashtags, and comment on and like videos. Although you can keep the videos you create hidden if you don't want to share them with the world. At the time of reviewing, there seemed to be endless videos boasting about what great years people had in 2014.

Speed it up

The process of creating a video is both quick and easy, although you do need to play around with the speed settings to get the best results. It's worth previewing the speed you've chosen with the music you picked to ensure the two go well together.

The transitions aren't always so seamless, which can make the video seem a bit jumpy and Flipagram does lag occasionally. But the user interface is attractive and slick while being simple to navigate.

Keeping it simple

Flipagram is like the Instagram for videos. Easy to use, great results and very social. While this isn't an app that will suit advanced users due to it's lack of options, Flipagram keeps things simple to make it easy for everyone to create a cool video.

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Flipagram 5.2.2

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